How to Put Your Email Opt in List Building on Steroids

Email list building is one of the most common internet marketing practices. It is true that the money is in the list. You should be able to make $1 per month per person on your list.

How much do you want to make per month? An extra $2,000 – then you need a list with 2,000 responsive buyers.

I’m sure you’ve read articles telling you how to build your email list by submitting articles. Or by creating a squidoo lens. Or by creating several blogs. Or by going to forums and leaving a post. Or by….on and on and on it goes.

There’s a bucket load of methods to drive traffic to your sign up page. Do the research. Decide on what methods will work best in your niche and with your personality. Study a few of them thoroughly. Then work on it. Spend the time. Make the effort. Do the work. It will produce results…no mater which methods you choose, they will work if you will do the work.

But the ONLY way to truly put your email list building on steroids is to GIVE AWAY FREE CONTENT. Don’t try and pass off the same old stuff that’s been going around for years. Don’t try and just give a hint of what the person is looking for as a come on to purchasing something from you.

You can drive 100,000 visitors to your sign up page, but if you don’t offer them something of real value you’ll get very, very few sign ups.

Your content has to have REAL value and be useful – applicable to your prospect. It’s best if you can offer your own unique product…something you have developed specifically for the niche you are working in. (this article isn’t designed to explain how to develop your own product, that’s for another place and a different article)

Next best thing is fresh new where can i buy anabolic steroids borrowed – or purchased – content. If you find content, like a good report or eBook or even a video you really like and feel would be beneficial to the prospects in your niche, buy the resale rights.

Get my message. You must have valuable content to give away free!

With valuable content the traffic you drive to you site will be anxious to sign up. Your list will explode with people who like and trust you because of what you have given them. Build that relationship and you’ll discover for yourself that the money is in the list.

Find some ebooks or reports you can get the rights to and use those as your free offer.

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